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Shallow talk about transformer
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The power source that valve amplifier uses, output is arrogant, should range low technology. The parts of an apparatus of low skill. So-called low technology, it is the design form that points to an ox already very mature and already data is changed. As people knowledge level rise, more and more people are known and mastered the principle of transformer and design. So-called low mastery of a skill or technique is to point to, manufacturing transformer all is made with be being circled by hand give priority to, machining a tool basically is coil winding machine. The type of work that wind a string is skilled worker worker, do not need apprentice 3 years, have can charge a master worker in March. Accordingly, send at welder for, DIY ox of machine of bravery of a for private use should not be a tickler. Also get one pace again simply to come however.
It is core above all, bravery machine ox understands core of the form that use EI. Appellative silicon steel piece. (core of article place appraise all points to EI form) . Silicon steel piece have cold rolling piece for instance D31, have hot-rolling piece for instance the cent of D42. Both difference is very not big, bm value is in 10000 - 14000 between. Former summary excel is latter, tell commonly a bit thinner, feel relatively just cold rolling piece. Secondhand goods market has a lot of, choose relatively class of level off rust is a bit less. Of course dimension wants appropriate. The face a bit here. GB EI silicon steel piece have a level the window, narrow the window, window that be not mark. (of course still miscellaneous old foreign goods is absent article place exemple. ) choose which kind of with operable to allow. The friend puts forward different type silicon steel piece whether mix with, it is possible that the author thinks, as long as size is same, the exterior is consistent, bm value won't differ too much. Notice finished products of old chip having iron is restricted to he are used or give a friend only, do not show silver changeably, have otherwise violate the basic ethics that be an upright person. Be sure to keep in mind!

It is enamel-insulated wire next. In period of state planned economy, at least of each area city has plant of line of one home appliance, if this factory is returned,production is kept in what be on one's last legs now. Buy its product. Because it still is in,by the country original standard former technology is produced, used be at ease. Otherwise, cannot protect be deceived.

GB enamel-insulated wire has oil radical (Q) model. Basically use at high frequency circumstance for instance: High frequency furnace. Technology of material of be confined to, production. The adherent force of layer of become attached to of oil radical enamel-insulated wire and sealed spending is not very good, enamel-insulated wire deposits time to grow too or deposit a condition bad, produce oxidation layer easily between bare wire and coat of paint. Affect the use of wire. The common enamel-insulated wire on the market has ZQ1 now model with ZQ2 model, enamel-insulated wire of polyester of appellative high strenth. Have very good absolutely like that intensity, although be at ease,use. 10 thousand not usable tear open machine line, lane is bad to expended painstaking effort, spent time, stayed time. Fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort.
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