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Do the type selecting of type transformer
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In engineering design, electric engineer wants to notice the following when the type selecting of dry type transformer:
One, the temperature of dry type transformer controls a system

The safety of dry type transformer moves and service life, depend on greatly the on the safe side that transformer winding is isolated from. Winding temperature exceeds insulation to be able to bear or endure suffer temperature to make insulation is destroyed, it is one of main reasons that bring about transformer to cannot work normally, of the moving temperature because of this pair of transformer monitor reach its to call the police control is very important.

(1) fan automata: Through be being buried in low-pressure winding beforehand heat quick measures the Pt100 of the hottest place lukewarm resistor is measured take temperature signal. Transformer bear increases, moving temperature rises, when winding temperature amounts to 110 ℃ , the system starts fan refrigeration automatically; When winding temperature low to 90 ℃ when, the system stops fan automatically.

(2) overheating calls the police, tripping operation: Through be being buried in low-pressure winding beforehand medium PTC is nonlinear heat quick measures lukewarm resistor to collect winding or core temperature signal. Continue to lift when transformer winding temperature, if achieve 155 ℃ when, the system outputs overheating alarm signal; If temperature continues to rise,amount to 170 ℃ , transformer already cannot continue to move, must protect loop to carry signal of overheating tripping operation to 2, should make transformer rapid tripping operation.

(3) temperature shows a system: Take temperature change cost through be being buried in the Pt100 thermal resistor in low-pressure winding to measure beforehand, show temperature of each photograph winding directly (check of three-phase make one's rounds and maximum show, can record the history highest temperature) , can measure highest temperature output with imitate of 4 ~ 20mA, if need to transmit afield (the distance can amount to 1200m) computer, can add match computer interface, 1 changes send implement, can monitor 31 transformer at the same time at most. Systematic overheating calls the police, tripping operation also can be heated up by Pt100 quick pass act of electrification block signal, carry high temperature to accuse the dependability of protection system further.

2, of dry type transformer defend means

Defend according to using environmental feature to reach requirement, dry type transformer can choose different case.

Choose IP20 to defend normally crust, the puppy such as the solid eyewinker that can prevent a diameter to be more than 12mm and rat, snake, cat, sparrow is entered, cause the malign trouble such as short circuit power cut, provide safe protective screen for live part. If must install transformer outdoors, can choose IP23 to defend crust, defend except afore-mentioned IP20 outside the function, the water that can prevent to become 60° horn less than with perpendicular more is entered. But IP23 crust can make transformer cooling power drops, those who notice its run a capacity want to reduce when choosing.
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