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The suitable scope of transformer of power source of EI-28 low frequency
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Transformer of power source of EI-28 low frequency
Basic parameter
Over all dimension: 28×26×32
Height: 28
Weight: 62g
Technical parameter
Output power: 1.5w
Output load current: 6V
Input voltage: 240
The price: Bargain
Offer money measure: 60000 / month
Character reachs suitable scope:
EI silicon steel piece power source transformer, the fine steel that uses low power comsumption piece the design is made, have record loss for nothing power of small, output big, efficiency tall, temperature rise low, safety performance is advanced characteristic, use extensively at switching equipment of amplifier of air conditioning, VCD, acoustics, microwave oven, power, programmed control, UPS the industry such as power source and communication of all sorts of mechanical electrons, medical treatment chemical industry, post and telecommunications uses device of equipment of all sorts of power source instruments, appearance.

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