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The characteristic of transformer of electric power type
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Show orientaton of You Jing condition again silicon steel of high grade cold rolling piece become via anneal, because core structure is special, make S11-M transformer and drop than recording loss for nothing with capacity S9 photograph 30% , carry electric current to drop for nothing 70% , noise sound drops 8 decibel left and right sides.

Product certification ISO9001:2000

Brand buddhist star is special

Deliver goods deadline delivers goods inside 10 days

Model S11-M

Nominal capacity 30-2500 (KVA)

Iron yoke, core limb coupling is round horn, core is close form.

Core is what makings of silicon steel slip coils to make and be become not to have the immediateness with ungraded juncture pure circle is sectional.

Two coil are homocentric had spent, tall, low-pressure coil is circled on core directly, it is good to fight force of short circuit function.

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