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Transformer is invented brief history (- )
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Transformer is a basis electromagnetism induction is mensurable, alternating current commutation is the blame that is the same as alternating current of frequency, different voltage to rotate type electric machinery. Accordingly, transformer is discover and be born of the phenomenon as electromagnetism induction, perfect ceaselessly through a lot of scientists, improve and form. 

The rudiment — induction coil of 1 transformer

1888, england writes Fulaiming of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of the name and description of a thing (J.A.Fleming, 1849-1945) is in his famous book " The Alternating Current Transformers " (communication transformer) in ground of make clear the purpose from the very beginning says: “At The Head Of This Long Line Of Illustrious Investigators Stand The Pre-eminent Names Of Faraday And Henry. On The Foundation-stons Of Truth Laid Done By Them All Subsequent Builders Have Been Content To Rest”(is in the prominent public figure of large quantities of one research transformer, those who take the lead is giant farad younger brother and Henry, they laid the cornerstone of the truth, and the finishing) that all successors devote oneself to an edifice.

So, the invention of date from transformer history, return so that speak of from farad younger brother and Henry.

On August 29, 1831, faraday uses the experimental plant that the graph shows 1 times to undertake magnetism lays electric test. Cirque uses 7/8 inch iron rod is made, cirque external diameter 6 inches; A is the coil that 3 paragraphs of each 24 feet long copper cash circle (3 paragraphs can establish ties according to need) ; B is 2 coil that 50 feet of copper cash circle (2 coil can establish ties) ; 1 for batteries; 2 for switch; 3 flow for check implement. When the experiment, should add up to switch 2 hind, faraday discovers check flows implement 3 swing, namely coil B and check flow implement 3 in electric current has flowed. That is to say, faraday discovered electromagnetism induction phenomenon through this experiment. The unit that Faraday has this test (Faraday induction coil, graph 2) is rudiment of the first transformer actually, faraday made a test several times again after, of the same age still made generator of dc of type of the first disc on October 28. Of the same age on November 24, faraday to England royal society reported his experiment reachs his to discover, make thereby Faraday by the detector of phenomenon of the accepted magnetic induction that it is report, he also the inventor that ground of follow a rational line to do some work well makes transformer.

But what invent transformer the earliest actually is Henry of American famous scientist. In August 1830, new York is when Aoerbani (the Henry that Albang) institute teachs uses academic holiday, use the experimental plant that the graph shows 3 times to undertake magnetism lays electric test. Add up to switch K when him, the hand that discovers galvanometric P swings; Open switch K, the hand that discovers galvanometric P again swings to opposite way. In the experiment, when opening switch K, henry observed between the two end of B of online still circle scintilla. Henry returns discovery, change the v/LIT all over the ground number of coil A and B, can will big (Intensity) electric current turns into small (Quantity) electric current, also can turn into small electric current big electric current. Actually, henry the very intuitionistic decisive experiment that this experiment is electromagnetism induction phenomenon, henry the rudiment that this experiment device also is a transformer actually. But, henry works careful, he was not eager to publishing his experimental positive result, he still thinks redo a few experiments. However holiday already passed, he is obliged to lay aside this thing aside. He had a test for many times again later, just publish experimental paper in till 1832 " American science and artistic magazine " the 7th period on. But, it is before this, faraday
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