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Transformer is invented brief history (2)
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2 Gao Lande — Gibbs 2 dynamo 

19 centuries after 80 time, alternating current enters human society life, the principle of transformer also is a lot of person place understanding, people thinks of naturally to use transformer in effective communication circuit. What stride the first pace to make significant contribution in this respect is French Gao Lande (L.Gauland, 1850 ~ 1888) and English Gibbs (J.D.Gibbs) . On September 13, 1882, the patent that they filed the first induction coil and its power supply system in England (№ .4362) , they say this kind of induction coil is “Secondary Generator”(2 times dynamo) . Of number of former edge coil and number of deputy edge coil than be 1 ∶ 1, primary foul line encircles series connection, and deputy foul line encircles equational amount to paragraph, respectively with electric lamp 1 be linked together. Gibbs of Gao Lande — 2 dynamoes (transformer) it is transformer of core of a kind of open a way, it is passed advance, pull taphole heart to control voltage, primary foul line encircles them to still insist to introduce series (although maxwell proved 1865, if former edge coil introduces series, deputy edge voltage cannot control) alone.

On October 7, 1882, they made 2 generators of the first 3000V/100V, 2 generators that made a capacity make an appointment with 5kVA again 1983 are in London outskirts is performed showpiece on a small-sized and electrical engineering exhibition. In those days, they offerred a few small-sized transformer for railroad of London urban district 1884, they are in Italy exhibited on clever technology exposition

Their transformer, performed communication remote transmit electricity. Use series connection of magnetic circuit transformer to communicate transmit electricity system, carry the alternating current of 30kW, 133Hz 40km far. In those days they return work off a few similar transformer, pursue among them 14 give Italian physicist Feilalisi for carry out (G.Ferraris, the experiment of 1847 ~ 1897) uses transformer. This transformer core is the open circuit core that iron wire forms, 445 annulus that former edge coil circles by 0.25mm thick sheet copper (v/LIT all over the ground) composition, but they are in high direction

Cent becomes 4 paragraphs, pass 4 paragraphs of series connection that the plug of ahead encircles deputy foul line or and road, change the output voltage of deputy edge thereby. Graph 15 it is Gibbs of — of another kind of Gao Lande 2 times dynamo, this size that 2 times the dynamo can output voltage through adjusting and changes output power. 

On March 4, 1884, the patent that Gao Lande and Gibbs file transformer of core of the first concerned open a way in the United States (the device ”) that № .297924)—“ arises and uses electricity 2 times;

1885, gao Lande and Gibbs suffer transformer of hillock Ci factory inspire, research uses the transformer of structure of closed circuit core. On March 6, 1886, they apply for to concern in the United States shut the patent that adds up to magnetic circuit transformer (№ .351589) .
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