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American electric affiliated company begins to use result from the transformer o
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Decision of American electric affiliated company is mixed in its base installation transformer use in the transformer on column result from the FR3 transformer of soya-bean oil is oily. At present this company still is in to this one new technology proceed experiments.

FR3 transformer oil results from soybean crop, those who depend on is biology can, belong to but second birth the sources of energy, can reduce the United States to be depended on to foreign oil already, the soja of supportable this locality cultivates an industry, harmless to the environment still.

The transformer oil that crop of every 100m2 soybean produces can satisfy the requirement that the transformer on 4 column is isolated from. Need of transformer of annual and all new clothes makes an appointment with the United States the transformer of 284x106L is oily, be equivalent to needing the soybean crop of 12km2. Insulating oil of degradation of this kind of biology arc flash point or say burning point is very high, classics Factory Mutual and Underwriters lab test and verify are belonged to low can light a liquid, the 5 ~ that are paper insulation life 8 times, can reduce the life cycle cost of transformer greatly, can make transformer increases negative charge in fastigium, and won't cause premature insulation damage, prolong the service life of transformer, raise the economic benefits of power company.

American Iowa legislation is encouraged use soja radical transformer oily

The United States loves to lean China the transformer that bey signed a law to encourage electric equipment to make soja of in order to is made for raw material from finance recently is oily. The sales volume that the proponent of this law says this kind of oil is annual will achieve 1 million gallon.

“ this may produce major effect to Iowa, ” soja base transformer oil produces chief inspector of sale of whole world of company of Shang Kaji Er to say, “ Iowa has very much large and public facility, can have a lot of agriculture partners so. What the law should do above all is to help these partners raise money changeover capital. ”

The commerce tax rate that to use this 20 thousand gallon the equipment with soja radical oily transformer sets is the law every equipment every gallon 2 dollars, this law is to consult Iowa encouraged manufacturing business to turn to belong to the code that machine fluid and publishs to make with soja fund last year. The tax rate that the 2000 gallon that this code uses to first changing implement is every gallon 2 dollars.

Detailed rules of soja radical oily tax rate is one of 4 when this state governor signs laws that urge fuel and petroleum products substitute. Decretal proponent says these measure will conduce to those who reduce Iowa farmer to be imported to national oil depending on.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to estimate, iowa should use lOO10000 gallon transformer every year about oily, among them great majority is to use cycloalkanes base oil to be made.
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