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Thailand will discard transformer oil uses as successfully motor vehicle fuel
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For managing the sources of energy, alleviate the whole world is calefacient, orgnaization of Thailand electric power passed a test recently, undertake depurative handling to deserted transformer oil, succeed to be used of ground general as motor vehicle fuel.

Transformer oil is fine spends extremely tall insulation oil plants, use at facilities of power of etc of transformer, capacitor, basically rise to be mixed to insulation, refrigeration medicinal powder hot action. The transformer oil that Thailand place uses all is entrance product, every litres of about 60 an ancient unit of weight (1 dollar closes 32 an ancient unit of weight about) . The use fixed number of year of transformer oil is 5 years commonly, as insulation function is abate and processing of reject be servinged as, every rise to sell 5 an ancient unit of weight only.

According to Thailand media coverage, the transformer oil that Thailand discards every year amounts to 1 million litres. Classics research, these insulation oil plants need to wait for simple processing through purifying only, can use at motor vehicle, the effect is better than derv, discharges harmful gas is fewer, and do not have a harm to engine. Thailand is opposite this technology patent application, try to popularize, estimation is annual but managing fuel expends 20 million an ancient unit of weight. (people net)

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