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Transformer bureau puts detected current situation and new technology
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Partial discharge of groovy electric power transformer detects the method has law of pulse electric current, DGA law, ultrasonic law, RIV law, light to measure law, radio frequency to detect law and chemical method.

Groovy bureau is put detect method

Law of pulse electric current. It is through detecting impedance is received will detect in measuring return. Detect in ground wire of screen of transformer bushing end, crust ground wire, neutral site ground wire, core ground wire and winding as a result of bureau put the pulse that cause electric current, obtain inspect putting n. Law of pulse electric current is to study the earliest, application detects one kind the most extensive method, IEC-60270 is put at the bureau that announces formally 2000 for IEC measure a level. The type experiment when law of pulse electric current is used at transformer to leave factory normally leaves line test medium with etc, its measure sensitivity from the line tall. The problem of law of pulse electric current depends on the following respects: Ability of its interference rejection is poor, what cannot apply effectively at the spot is online monitor; To transformer kind the facility that has winding structure produces very big error when demarcate; Because detect,impedance and amplifier are opposite metrical sensitivity, accuracy, resolution and dynamic limits influential, when the capacitance when sample is accordingly bigger, accept the restriction of coupling impedance, those who check an instrument measure sensitivity to be restricted certainly; Measure frequency low, frequency band is narrow, included information content is little.

DGA law. The composition that DGA law is all sorts of gas that through detecting transformer oil decomposes generation and chroma will decide breakdown (bureau put, overheat) condition. The online breakdown that this method uses extensively already at transformer at present is diagnosed in, what and build a pattern recognition system can realize breakdown is automatic identify, it is current put in transformer bureau detect the method with very effective domain. But DGA law has two drawback: Oil gas analysis is a long-term course that monitor, cannot discover paroxysmal fault consequently; This method cannot undertake breakdown locates.

Ultrasonic law. Ultrasonic law is through detecting transformer bureau puts the ultrasonic signal of generation to measure bureau put volume and position. The frequency band of supersonic sensor is 150 kilohertz of 70 ~ to this about (or 300 kilohertz this) , the mechanical and oscillatory noise of the iron magnetism noise with escape core and transformer. Because ultrasonic law suffers electric interference small and OK and online measure and locate, people is consequently more thorough to the research of ultrasonic law. But at present this method puts in the question with very big move: Current supersonic sensor sensitivity is very low, signal cannot be measured effectively in the spot; Of sensor fight electromagnetism to disturb ability poorer. Accordingly, supersonic detect basically have with what put signal at qualitative judgement bureau without, and combine magic art of pulse electric current or use supersonic signal play a game of chess to put a source to undertake physics locates directly. In electric power transformer mix from the line online in detecting, it is assist basically measure a method.
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