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Plain Qi steely initiate " electromagnetism wire " miniaturization of implementa
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Development of steely company of Japanese plain Qi goes the component of artificial electromagnetism utility, electromagnetism wire that has character of admirable and high frequency magnetism (filament) . The production that has electromagnetism character wire still belongs to world initiate. The transformer loop that waits in electric machine is used on medium transformer and reactor, show core miniaturization with traditional Bikeshi. From this, can shorten the copper cash implementation of winding core is energy-saving.

New development is honest the external diameter of ability till 0.1mm. Main technique: ① reduces the content such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, raise the purity of steel; ② makes grain is changed imperceptibly. Silicon content and armor plate of general electrify magnetism are 3%~3.5% with the level. Drawing processability is good, can make appearance complex component part, have good high frequency performance.

Waiting with 6.5% silicon armor plate on traditional transformer loop is board shape completely, cannot get used to the requirement that miniaturization and abnormity change.

The thick 0.1mm that although be used than heretofore,caustic of electromagnetism wire iron is worth, silicon armor plate of 6.5% is tall, but because copper cash shortens, but energy-saving drop environmental negative charge.

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