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The United States breaks through new technology of transformer temperature adjus
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A few days ago, the United States applies temperature of transformer of infra-red technology monitoring to warm up, obtain good progress.

The transformer of American Bmcher power station, installed many 300 to have carry cent to receive switch monitor, so that bisect receives switch temperature rise,undertake monitoring. Pass monitor, the cooling characteristic that can analyse transformer to fall in the circumstance that does not have circular pump. Infra-red camera can record the temperature section plane of radiator group. To the transformer in transformer substation, the main part of cooling system is core and winding. The hot loss that causes by core and winding can affect transformer efficiency and life, temperature rise can increase conductor resistance and can cause insulation deterioration, cause transformer trouble. Infra-red camera can rise to absorb the effect that resemble for transformer, return the change that can show temperature and color, it can offer the visual analysis of transformer heat directly.

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