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One kind can diagnose transformer solid fiber to pledge the new technology of in
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Academy of experiment of Sichuan electric power passes effort of 5 years, the furfural in making a transformer oil tests a level, in the province such as Sichuan, Guangxi, Guizhou 11 units popularize applied foundation to go up, by national classics trade appoint promulgate formally " content of the furfural in mineral insulating oil checks a method (prismatic photometry) " .

Of this test method build, fill the blank that the furfural in domestic mineral oil checks, make power system transformer measures change to judge ageing of solid insulating oil to become a possibility through monitoring the furfural in oil to contain. This method puts forward first in home, domestic advanced level is ranked on the technology, than at fee of color atlas law low, the operation is handy, realized on the spot to monitor, law of color atlas of photograph of concentrated juice of this method and abroad measures phasing to compare, foreign instrument makes an appointment with 400 thousand yuan of RMBs, and use this method to need 7-8 only 1000 yuan of RMBs, if domestic 1/3 sends power supply unit to use this method, the cost that sheet purchases an instrument but managing close ten million yuan RMB, have taller economic benefits and social beneficial result.

Of new generation transformer v/LIT all over the ground come out than instrument

What automation of academy of design of Shanxi province Electromechanical develops a success intelligence of new generation ZB3 transformer circles number compares instrument. Its function stability, modelling beautiful, operation rate of convenient, automation is high, the Switzerland of 90 age levels of technical level and world 2791 quite, the price has it only however very one of.

Current, this series product already was made by the transformer such as Shenyang, Baoding, Xi'an, Xi Menzi and Jiangxi the electric power such as Electricity Supply Board of power plant of oil field of enterprise and company of Han Dan iron and steel, Daqing, Qingdao, Great Harmony the system is close 100 large and medium-sized the enterprise is used, already sold as far as to area of and other places of Vietnam, Taiwan.

Too steel cold rolling amounts to international without orientaton silicon steel advanced level

Too steel finishs " cold rolling reachs engineering technology development and innovation without development of orientaton silicon steel " task, passed the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that saves organization of Science and Technics Agency by Shanxi recently.

Experts think consistently, too below the premise that steel was not introducing domestic and international cold rolling to produce engineering technology software without orientaton silicon steel, the silicon steel that develops successful 50W470 the following shop sign independently manufactures engineering technology, realized multinomial innovation; The cold rolling that production gives does not have orientaton silicon steel each specifications index accords with GB/T2521-1996 standard to ask, the international that the product pledges the quantity obtains congener product is advanced level, gained favorable social beneficial result and enterprise benefit. The development of this technology is successful, steely to our country enterprise henceforth transform have popularize and draw lessons from value.
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