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A kind of new-style transformer is oily -- Gao Ran is nodded (β ) oily
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β oil has the following characteristic:

1) oily burning point and flash point are higher, it is common transformer almost oily duple.

2) insulation intensity is higher, dielectric constant can be amounted to 2.2% , as oily as common transformer basic and identical.

3) oily condensation point is - 24 ℃ , oily density (20 ℃ ) it is 0.86g/cc, oily viscosity (100 ℃ ) it is 12.2cSt.

4) as oily as transformer, silicon steel piece, copper cash, insulating material has better consistence.

5) oily but by soil medium microbial decompose and do not have noxiousness, won't gather for a long time in the environment so and cause pollution.

6) oil can be used through handling recycle, fat price is 25 yuan about / Kg, it is 5 times of transformer oil commonner.

7) content of complete flaming generation is β oil CO2 and H2O, content of incomplete combustion generation is content of the generation below action of CO2, H2­O and CO, electric arc to be C2H2. Oily photograph compares β oil and common transformer, its viscosity is apparent prep above is common transformer is oily (3cSt) . Be in when temperature - when 10 ℃ , β oil becomes very ropy, barely flows. β oily transformer agrees with the place with fire prevention and environmental protection high demand, use environment temperature should be in - 10 ℃ above, in order to assure winding, core medicinal powder heat energy force.

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