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Exposition of 2008 India electric power
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Time: —14 day ground nodded on September 12, 2008: Hall 9&10&11, pragati Maidan, new Delhi

---Ginseng exhibit invitation letter---

— sponsors an unit—

Federation of Indian industry and commerce

Indian Electricity Department

Yinde of association of transformer of India of committee of electric power of supportive unit India is industrial and commercial association

— China sole agent—Guangzhou city hundred gets the better of an exhibition to serve limited company

Exposition of Indian electric power introduces

Exposition of Indian electric power is sponsorred every year in Xin Deli, since 2004 dimensions expands ceaselessly, gross area of exposition of Indian electric power made an appointment with 10000 square metre 2007, participation well-known company includes ABB, AREVA, toshiba, cling to but company, german power pursues, HPL, CONTROL AND SWITCHGEAR GROUP, CROMPTON GREAVES, LAPP INDIA, exhibition area will expand further 2008, divide a house in all, the area makes an appointment with 12000 square metre. .

The Chinese enterprise that predicts by Guangzhou city hundred got the better of an exhibition to serve limited company to organize 2008 exhibits net area exceeds 200 square metre.

Limits of item on display:

Generate electricity, be defeated change report, distribution, industry is electric equipment, building is electric automation of electric equipment of automation of equipment, industry, lighting, construction electric equipment, Lou Yu. Specific for:

Equipment of power station of the firepower power station of all sorts of power, nuclear power plant, hydroelectric station, terrestrial heat, solar energy power station, wind- driven power station, high-power dynamo switch, all sorts of adjusting control device that power plant private cable, power plant uses, high pressure / middling pressure changes report, transmit electricity and distribution technology and equipment, changeover of the sources of energy, middling pressure / low-pressure distribution technology and equipment, install equipment, distribution stands, all sorts of electric machinery reach electronic transmission, all sorts of cell that automation system place uses reach a part, all sorts of sensor, clock, accuse oneself device, metric reach cable of adjusting control device, wire and fittings, distribution box reachs distribution case, single-phase and small-sized transformer, fusing protector, illume product, equipment reachs a system, heating ventilated, air conditioning and refrigeration system, build electric facility.

Chinese area sole agent: Guangzhou city hundred gets the better of an exhibition to serve limited company

Address: Day of square of 268 the Milky way fills main street of Zhongshan of area of the Milky way of city of Guangdong province Guangzhou cabinet 15D postcode: 510660

Phone: 0086-20-61004250 13538782041 fax: 0086-20-61004210
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