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Equipment of electron of international of the 8th 2009 Suzhou implement exhibiti
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Showpiece time: 2009-5-23 comes 2009-5-25
Application ends: 2009-5-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Suzhou world exhibits a center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Electron of electronic production facilities yuan test of appearance of instrument of electron of parts of an apparatus is measured reach an electron to manufacture automation technology
Sponsor square: Guild of Suzhou electron information

Undertake square: Shanghai world power the exhibition serves limited company

Assist do square: Federation of economy of Suzhou city industry

Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Make an efficient and organic industry chain to last, promote and strengthen Suzhou and industry of Hua Dong region and international mainstream to produce the cooperation of the enterprise. Be versed in by city of guild of Suzhou electron information, Suzhou world of already aid federation, Shanghai power the “2009 that the exhibition serves limited company to make preparations jointly the 8th Hua Dong (Suzhou) international electron equipment, yuan ” of parts of an apparatus and electronic instrument exhibition is in Suzhou world to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously. All previous classics tries hard 7 years, already became Hua Dong area to hold the balance now, exhibition of indispensable an electron major, get the attention of manufacturer of domestic and international electron, become product of Chinese electron industry to trade importantly platform.
Situation of world exhibition center is advantageous, traffic condition is convenience, advantaged geographical area advantage brought up infinite business chance. Suzhou regards the center of delta of the Yangtse River as the ground, the ” of garden of 10 beautiful industry that obtained advance rapidly in manufacturing industry respect in recent years. Was in the United States 2001 " news weekly " in, suzhou is included cities of 9 old burgeoning science and technology, it is China rises abruptly at the same time the electronic city of development, already became one of production centers of China. Be in especially with international manufacturing industry conform the respect is more apparent and banner at other area, attracted a batch of international Suzhou of well-known company settle, suzhou is the most dazzling star in Chinese economy progress, the industrial garden area that it has is labelled of the “ electron since “ Asia continent ” world. Surpass case electron market subsequently also settle Suzhou, span those who drive modern service line of business type develops.
Our cordial invitation of global business participate in! Exhibit can be in hot flutter!
Current exhibit ” of Suzhou of meeting “ base oneself upon to will stress brand, development innovation with “ , pay attention to actual effect, aggrandizement to serve ” to exhibit a tenet to do, what build top level to postpone business is one-stop commerce platform!
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