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Exhibition of 2008 Shanghai electron
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Showpiece time: 2008-11-12 comes 2008-11-15
Application ends: 2008-10-31
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Shanghai new international reads extensively center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Electronic material, electron yuan parts of an apparatus, photoelectricity shows, the electron is special batteries of equipment, transformer, connector, power source, special type yuan communication of tool of appearance of parts of an apparatus, mobile phone and component, biology identifying, integrated circuit, instrument, hardware, number.
Sponsor square: Head office of Chinese electron equipment

Undertake square:
Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: The 72nd China (Shanghai) the electron extends advisory hot line: Electron of China of gentleman of 13651058877 king green hill is exhibited (China Electronic Fair) , only then 1964, it is China has authoritative, history most the longest, class the most complete, influence the professional electron with most far-reaching, the largest scale is exhibited- - Chinese electron is exhibited (CEF) grow jointly with Chinese electron industry, classics of her all previous witnessed Chinese electron industry by the planned economy transition to market economy and development. 2007, CEF is objective finish countrywide strategy layout, formed Shenzhen - Shanghai - western the force that 3 season join 3 stations echo, Chun Xiaqiu suitably, held Chinese bead triangle, long triangle and ministry of Chinese and Western position of field of information of 3 chunk electron, match with activity of seminar of industry of high administrative levels, become the vane that reflects progress of Chinese electron industry. As electronic industry globalization, and chinese mainland becomes whole world of product of consumptive electron, IT to produce base, 2004, exhibit alliance by Asian electron (AEECC) first Asia electron of the organization is exhibited (AEES) exhibit with Chinese electron succeed in Shanghai hand in hand, completed the combination that most royal electron exhibits greatly, form international shadow loudness tall, in chinese mainland dimensions the biggest electron is exhibited. CEF is alliance of Asian electron exhibition (AEECC) one of 5 old members, exhibit with Japanese electron (CEATEC JAPAN) .
Exhibit through CEF China electron, sell your product to them with nearly 60 thousand high grade contacts that buy the home, share their sale clew and order, enlarge sale outstanding achievement. Choose CEF, choose you to enter the fast platform of Chinese market! Electron of the 72nd China exhibits sponsor an unit: Head office of Chinese electron equipment undertakes unit: Report can exhibit in transmit limited company time with information: On November 12, 2008 - 15 days of places: Shanghai new international reads extensively the center extends meeting scope: 60000 square metre, 2200 postpone business, predict 60000 Yu Ming industries buy a CEF, obtain Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China exclusively, MII of People's Republic of China, the national level electron of main support is exhibited greatly. We will invite actual strength to buy the home for you: CEF holds the giant professional database buying the home that will 44 years accumulate, the audience invites have a definite object in view. Buy the home peculiarly to organize channel: The country needs in the center of organization of each ministries and commissions square, the international that abroad Cooperation Agency organizes buys the home. At the appointed time large quantities of coming the professional audience of the domain such as industry of aviation, spaceflight, post and telecommunications, communication, broadcasting television, shipping, atmosphere, car, nucleus, enginery exhibits presence meeting.
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