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Exposition of industry of power of international of the 14th Korea
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Showpiece time: 2008-10-10 comes 2008-10-13
Application ends: 2008-10-8
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Korea international exhibits a center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Generate electricity switchgear and wiring information of control equipment ★ carry out equipment ★ engine and dynamo ★ systematic ★ dynamo, nuclear energy reactor, steamer, steam turbine generates electricity with etc equipment. ★ other
Sponsor square: Association of Korea power industry

Undertake square:
Assist do square: Korea business industry and energy department
Korea medium and small businesses runs committee

Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Distant view: The first pace with successful career
Of Korea government support energetically
Electric power of South Korea international is exhibited be favorred by Korea popular, be judged to be one of exhibitions that have perspective most all the time since 2003. And, as come from Indonesia, philippine, burmese, vietnam, the purchases business affiliation of the country such as China and Thailand, south Korea electric power is exhibited becoming an international trade to exhibit.
Reveal the future of power industry
Develop fast latest technology through revealing, be like newest material, superconductive technology, digital technology and IT, and extend new product, industry of South Korea power exhibits the future that adumbrative power industry grows.

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