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Sign mine to heat up furnace transformer contract too steel product exports Afri
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On November 5, too company of electric equipment build and repair signed steel to African country Congo (gold) the contract that exports two mine to heat up furnace transformer, this contract fill too the blank of Africa of steel product exit.
Long-term since, african area is the forestall of “ of place of home made product such as beautiful, law to set up a separatist regime by force of arms all the time ” , tradition of Chinese transformer product exports the market basically is southeast Asia area, due portion is lacked in Africa. Too company of electric equipment build and repair serves as steel too the professional business that steel subordinate pursues electric equipment overhaul technically making, according to energy-saving change, miniaturization, special change, low noise, explosion proof, the development train of thought that intelligence changes, undertook transformer production technology is transformed, had the advanced transformer such as canister of lacquer of dip of pressure of kiln of gas phase of kiln of law of high capacity transformation, kerosene, vacuum and numerical control blaze to produce equipment of form a complete set, make product quality and content of science and technology and produce can get promoting considerably.

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