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Aid changes power equipment company " transformer of the alloy that be not brill
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On September 30, aid changes trial-produce of transformer of alloy of brilliant of blame of SH15-315kVA of power equipment company is successful, this mark is worn aid changes line of the products of power equipment company is deserving to change, box goes, ” of “ Xin Ding is added again on the foundation of switch ark.
Appliance of transformation of the alloy that be not brilliant is available record loss low, sky carries the good point with low electric current, its carry loss ratio to be the same as capacity S9 silicon steel for nothing piece transformer drops 75 % left and right sides, carry electric current to drop for nothing 80 % left and right sides. Have energy-saving effect remarkable, moving stability reliable, temperature rise is small, fight the characteristic with overload strong capability, special apply to load to lead inferior power system. Be not the production of brilliant alloy transformer to make, the mark is worn aid changes power equipment company already will energy-saving model the achievement of research and development of transformer product applies successfully at the market, make the company's new profit point of growth.

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