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Transformer of Changzhou national power relies on new product to enter a big mar
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Limited company of transformer of constant Germany force changes from 2001 since making, with respect to the development of new product of base oneself upon, regard an enterprise as a breach of development with this. The change that produces trade policy to get used to a country and market are energy-saving to the product the new requirement of environmental protection, the company goes actively to search place of scientific research courtyard, with the Shenyang transformer institute that enjoys high reputation in home associated development gives a series of high additional costs new product. These products all passed national transformer quality to supervise examine the center is all sorts of type experiments and country, provincial appraisal, selected " the 2nd batch, construction of urban and rural electrified wire netting of the 3rd batch of whole nations and transform place to need main facility product to produce an enterprise to recommend catalog " , attribute national classics trade appoint, promotion of national power company uses a product, a series of this new products than going up generation product saves specific power consumption 30% , and paid attention to environmental protection and beautiful, push get to the market of the user extensive reputably, popular city of 20 many provinces, export southeast Asia nation. Among them 35kV class and transformer of the following electric power, combined-type transformer wins title of product of Hunan Province famous brand two years continuously.
It is better that the company sells a situation this year, the situation that the product appeared to demand exceeds supply. According to statistic this year first 7 months, the enterprise achieves production value 43.52 million yuan, exceeded last year enterprise annual total production value, with the photograph when making changes to compare 5 years ago, broke up close decuple. As each new product moves toward the market, the small company that the production value 5 years ago is not worth 5 million yuan grows quickly expand. The company obtained “2006 this year year ” of gold prize of innovation of science and technology of Hunan Province new technology, new product, be judged to be 10 beautiful science and technology of our city to start new-style business. The enterprise is returned this year declared transformer of card of ” of “ Wu Ling Hunan Province famous label, and declaring Hunan Province company of new and high technology.

Electric company product hits country city Shen Da into A couplet chief of a tribe

Electric limited company stares at Shen Da closely market new trend, support technology innovates, promote a product class. Before before long, transformer of a batch of when the company produces new-style and energy-saving low noise, bid through international action, hit successfully into A couplet chief of a tribe. At present transformer of many 200 of A couplet chief of a tribe new-style and energy-saving low noise is giving movement in succession, initiate Zhejiang to save transformer of province electric power to bid through international action batch exports a beginning.
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