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Country transformer limited company 1 reach 210 million yuan to realized product
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Transformer limited company captures Zhejiang country to be defeated currently closely change the development period with electric good industry, it is forerunner with the market, optimize product structure, aggrandizement interior manages, business development momentum is powerful, 1 to transformer crop and production value grew 50% above compared to the same period in November.
December 2 afternoon, inside workshop of production of country transformer limited company lively and extraordinary, workers busy move carries transformer in two trucks jacket. This batch of transformer will be gone to via carry Ecuadorian.

As we have learned, after Ecuadorian technology personnel was inspecting many 20 transformer of our country to produce manufacturer repeatedly, gave order finally river change company.

Zhang Qunfeng of general manager of country transformer limited company says: Shipment of these 3 transformer is opposite “ special sense is had for my company, it is it above all it is to be exported first Ecuadorian; Next value of odd pen order is very great, amount to RMB has many yuan 300; The 3rd it is transformer grade and domestic groovy grade differ somewhat, these 3 are 138KV class, home does not have this kind of norms. ”

River change company since this year reasonable adjust product structure, pay attention to a product optimize a design, development gives the new product such as 110KV class and transformer of the following hermetically sealed, dry type transformer, be favorred by the market. Consolidating home market at the same time, the company develops an international market actively, year exit forehead already broke through 20 million yuan. Current, company produce and sale two flourishing, next year company plans to invest 30 million yuan, go up newly product line of transformer of class of 220KV of high capacity of a high pressure, at the same time transformer of extend explosion proof and box type transformer produce an item, strive sales revenue breaks through 300 million yuan.

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