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Before 7 exceed into mechanical product output in November last year annual
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Up to November, production of our country machinist industry and sale carried the state that grows steadily quickly from beginning to end, total production value and sale production value add fast month by month to climb litre, exit delivery is worth amplitude more achieve since this year highest.
Production, sale is added fast continue tall

1 ~ November, mechanical industry sold production value and total production value to maintain synchronous growth basically. The gross value of industrial output that finish four thousand nine hundred and six billion three hundred and forty-seven million yuan, grow 30% compared to the same period; Production value of the sale that finish four thousand seven hundred and seventy-two billion eight hundred and eighty-five million yuan, grow 29.76% compared to the same period. Add from each months of total production value and sale production value fast look: Production of second half of the year is added fast all maintain show month by month is small to climb in 29% above rise situation, enter production was added in November fast jump house 30% ,

Each industry production gets balanced development

1 ~ November, 13 industries production adds machinist job fast all grow with two digit. Grow prep above among them of average level is project machine, machine tool, electrical engineering electric equipment, current foundation with automobile industry, amplitude of production value of these 5 industries all maintains in 30% above, especially electrical engineering electric equipment and car industry of two big pillar parts with 33.85% grow with 30.21% speed. Amplitude under average level is appearance of agriculture machinery, internal-combustion engine, instrument, article does equipment, petrifaction current mechanism, heavy-duty mine machinery and industry of food package machine, its Chinese does equipment industry production to add fast inferior, grow 14.41% compared to the same period.

New product production value is in exalted growth

1 ~ November, mechanical industry achieves new product production value nine hundred and twenty-five billion seven hundred and six million yuan, grow 34.37% compared to the same period. Its are added fast be in not only add exalted and apparently quickly at gross value of industrial output of the corresponding period fast 4.37 percent, significant position was held in making clear development of progress of science and technology, new product to grow each element in machinist job. New product production value is added fast faster proprietor of an enterprise should be centered in privately owned and foreign capital.

Amplitude of exit delivery cost is achieved inside year new tall

1 ~ in November, mechanical industry finishs exit delivery to be worth seven hundred and eighty-two billion two hundred and ninety-two million yuan in all, grow 25.69% compared to the same period, add fast although than last year the corresponding period drops but than going up the month increases 0.15 percent, cost of delivery of exit of before 11 months is added fast achieve inside year highest. Branch line of business looks, exit delivery cost is added fast faster industry is ordinal it is project machine (59.74% ) , petrifaction is general and mechanical (47.61% ) , car (41.74% ) , heavy-duty mine is mechanical (39.11% ) with agriculture machinery (31.05% ) , add fast achieve 30% above not only and respectively the growth rate of tower above total production value.
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