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"Changzhou is made " large transformer exports Kazakstan Si Tan first
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Close daily city on the west finite liability company covers electric transformer 6 times total prices the ZHSFPTB-112000KVA/220KV three-phase of 140 million yuan of RMBs has from Ou carry pressure regulating rectification transformer, 2 first products pass each routine test, already went to at 24 days of hair that assemble a car republic of Kazakstan Si Tan. It is reported, large commutate transformer is exported, it is Chinese transformer the first time on industry history, also be Changzhou on the west electric transformer carries on on history of finite liability company transformer export capacity is the largest, clinch a deal the price is top.
This year first half of the year, inc. of construction of Chinese nonferrous metal electroanalysises jointly with Kazakstan Si Tan aluminous factory, researched 5 companies of domestic that can produce rectification transformer early or late, the course is layer upon layer choose, after inspecting a product to use the site especially, changzhou on the west spot management and the design technology of finite liability company, technology serve electric transformer, got the affirmation of owner.

The rectification transformer that exports this is 12 meters long, 8.5 meters wide, gross weight 400 tons, by advocate transformer and pressure regulating transformer composition, it is current domestic stand-alone capacity is the biggest, pressure regulating limits is the widest, successive have carry pressure regulating and progressional most rectification transformer.

When this company is organizing products plan, broke the design method of domestic tradition, apply foreign advanced technique to have consideration, get on the engraft of technology of transformer of 220KV electric power with advanced factory to rectification transformer, the dependability that reachs products plan thereby, advanced sex and socioeconomic are united effectively. Especially weather of winter of republic of Kazakstan Si Tan is particularly harsh, lowermost air temperature amounts to 50 degrees 0 times, owner is particularly slashing to using material to ask, this company is right many weather strip undertake microtherm experiments is able to bear or endure, choose be able to bear or endure microtherm material, electric to many control yuan equipment is adopted be able to bear or endure microtherm measure, ensure each specifications achieves design requirement entirely. (Changzhou daily)

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