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Recently, on the west electric group goes on the west 18 new products of company pass appraisal of national level industry, this is the road that holds to innovation of science and technology changes on the west, make the gain of plentiful and substantial of high-end brand meticulously. 2006, the company changes to be managed with own innovation, sincere letter on the west for this, it is dominant with the development of high-end high-quality goods, the production value that finish two billion one hundred and fifty-four million three hundred and forty thousand yuan, crop 41.75 million KVA, grow than last year respectively 33.7% with 22.8% , rate of new product production value continues to achieve 30% above, created the brilliant outstanding achievement that all fronts of production value, crop, benefit leaps, for enterprise “ the development of 915 ” has been opened bureau.
In the development respect of ±500kV dc product, the company changed to finish “ on the west 3 on of ” dc project the production of 6 products creates the job finally, product performance is good. Current, the company changes to intensifying undertaking 13 northeast — on the west back of back of tall mountain of net of China north couplet is changed shed a station to use change the development that sorts transformer. With northwest — Hua Zhonglian back of back of net clever treasure changes photograph of direct current equipment drifting a station to compare, gao Ling is changed shed a station to use change the alternating voltage that sheds transformer taller, the size is larger also, true implementation transmit electricity of dc of high capacity high pressure is used change those who shed transformer is homebred change, farther establish changes on the west the domestic lead position that the company creates in design of equipment of dc transmit electricity.

Be in extrahigh voltage, special the development respect of high-pressured communication transformer, 750kV reserves successful and finishing, for our country first 750kV demonstrative project delimits went up satisfactory full stop; For 750kV 2 period project, in offerring transformer of electric power of 4 700 thousand KVA/750kV and reactor of 11 100 thousand Kvar/750kV to intensifying developing; “750kV communication is defeated change development of great technology equipment and project application ” had the honor to win report the award of exclusive special grade in award of science and technology of Chinese mechanical industry, revealed the company changes on the west in extrahigh voltage domain great skill equips homebred the lead position that change; Grade of first home highest voltage the birth of transformer of 1 million bend over, initiated homebred the beginning that production of transformer of 1 million bend over makes.

The field is developed in reactor, communication of world head group has class to be able to accuse the birth of reactor, special apply to extrahigh voltage and special of high-pressured electrified wire netting remote transmit electricity, extrahigh voltage, special to the country in construction of high-pressured electrified wire netting of electric equipment homebred change have important sense; A few days ago, the Jing Men of — of Nanyang of — of 1000kV Jin Dongna that holds in Beijing is special demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test advocate on equipment contract signing ceremony, I manage the production that took reactor of 11 1 million bend over makes a contract, reactor of 4 when offer for advance southeast transformer substation among them 320 thousand KVar/1000kV is grade of the highest voltage on the world, most the reactor of high capacity, on the world Shangmo runs the history, the production actual strength of the reactor of ”—— of “ fist product that makes the company changes on the west continues to hold dominant position in the industry.
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