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China first ultra high voltage AC step-up transformer verified
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China's first step-up transformer high voltage AC test verification passed today, the index excellent, stable performance, representing the highest international level of similar equipment. This indicates that China boost converter high voltage direct a major breakthrough in technology. According to reports, step-up transformer to increase the output voltage of power plants to achieve the core long-distance power transmission equipment. Special high-voltage step-up transformer is rated at 1100 kV, the rated capacity of 120 million kVA 3-phase capacity will be million-kilowatt generator set output voltage of 27 kV rose directly from the 1100 kV, an increase of about 40 times, can be significantly reduce power plant connected to the grid of the intermediate links, a substantial increase in the power transmission capacity of the channel sent on the promotion of intensive development of large-scale energy base of great significance. Xilin Gol is planning the development of the coal and wind power base, for example, the use of special high-voltage step-up transformer can increase the transmission capacity of nearly 20% of the channel, the equivalent of a small load center in the eastern part of the construction of a 1.8 million kilowatts of power, saving investment 6.7 billion, a decrease of 400 million tons of coal, 10,870,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, with a very significant economic and social benefits. Special high-voltage step-up transformer in conjunction with the State Grid Corporation of five power generation company, as well as TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group joint development, the product is successfully developed based on the domestic China's power industry achieved another major world-class innovation.

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