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Siemens Transformer Insulation center located in Wuhan the first
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Siemens to spend 46 million yuan building insulation transformer center of Asia's first completed in Wuhan, the center put into production each year to provide two Gigabit VA power transformer insulation pieces of production capacity. Siemens Transformer insulator Asia Center, located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Yangluo Economic Development Zone, the factory building area of 9615 square meters, Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Group, after Europe and the Americas, following the establishment of the third world must Edge centers, and become the first Asian power transformer insulating parts manufacturing center. The center insulation Siemens transformer factory processing technology, while the introduction of production technology in Germany and Brazil, is relying on Siemens unique production management system and created a modern, green energy factories. According to Siemens, General Manager Liangxing Song insulation transformer introduced in Asia, supply of raw materials for the further realization of localized, lower production costs, Siemens decided to increase investment in Wuhan, in the current transformers Base, based on the expansion of an insulator processing based manufacturing plant. Production parts manufacturing center after the insulation will Siemens Wuhan, Jinan and Guangzhou to provide high quality insulation transformer factory molded, and with Sets of insulation parts, and the Asia Pacific region after another radiation Siemens transformer factory. It is reported that Siemens is the world's second largest transformer manufacturers. Investment in Wuhan, the first manufacturing project - Siemens Transformer (Wuhan) in April last year put into operation in the WIT. Siemens Transformer Asia must Edge of construction of the center will promote energy equipment manufacturing industry in Wuhan chain formation.

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