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Transformers "fire" and the one hundred power
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About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, Jinling Village district, a manhole cover pop up a thick smoke, not far from a transformer fire at the same time, accompanied by crackling explosion, on the one hundred residents of the home district of the sudden blackout. "Underground fire? Transformer caught fire, too dangerous, right?" Some of the tenants called 110 immediately and call the power company. Witnesses said Liu, when she had just come home from grocery shopping and suddenly noticed a manhole cover street is smoking, "I am far to smelt a pungent smell of rubber, came closer, the original cellar well black smoke covered constantly. "Then, next to a transformer has suddenly caught fire, said a resident near the original home prepared to do lunch, a sudden power outage," I'm still depressed sudden loss of power, someone shouted out the transformer fire. " After receiving a reflection of the residents, the power supply sector workers rushed to the scene to investigate cause of the accident repair. Staff said manhole cover is the area under the smoke layer of damp low-voltage wire insulation, damaged, in addition to electricity load is too large, resulting in a short circuit, causing the transformer also deflagration. Specific reasons for still further investigation.

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