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Chinese transformer enterprises to survive challenges
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Today, changes in prices of raw materials has become a key point of the transformer business survival. Zhaozong Chang, general manager of Beijing triple transformer has repeatedly said in an interview, and now they deal with raw material prices There is no pressure tactics, the only way is to reduce their own profits. He said the surge in raw material situation, to maintain the vendor is the winner. He told reporters, raw material prices makes the Chinese transformer enterprises Industry originally lost the price advantage, coupled with a continuation of the domestic price war, the situation of domestic enterprises to survive the transformer can be imagined. Transformer manufacturing industry is characterized by its relatively long lead times, generally 3 to 6 months, even longer than 1 year. TBEA, Tianwei change some large enterprises and even sign a contract in 2012, the domestic Another major transformer manufacturer Western Electric Group West, changing company mission is very saturated. However, contract prices are estimates based on current prices of raw materials out, most manufacturers are not expected Raw material price rise would be so rapid. Therefore, its performance is not fully reflected. Production of transformers as the main raw materials, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet orientation is facing the crisis of global shortage in the domestic production of only one transformer WISCO oriented silicon steel sheet with cold rolled, Wuhan Iron and Steel's annual production of less than 30 million tons , And the demand of the transformer business in the 60 million tons a year, a high dependence on imports. The world, capable of producing oriented silicon steel sheet is only the Russian steel company Novolipetsk Viz-Stal and Company, Germany Krupp States Steel Corporation, Nippon Steel and JFE of Japan, the United States of AK Steel Corporation, Wuhan Steel shares [5.25-4.55%] and so a few large steel company. With the United States and Europe and other countries, power grids and power construction in India Acceleration, increased demand for cold rolled silicon steel sheet orientation, in addition to the Japanese market to reduce the proportion of exports, making the international cold-rolled silicon steel sheet orientation were significant reduction in the output of the domestic cold-rolled imports oriented silicon steel sheet for a time does not increase Fell. Second, the current investment in Wuhan Steel shares oriented silicon steel sheet silicon steel production line is the only country in the construction of oriented silicon steel sheet production line, but compared with the rapidly growing demand, Wuhan Iron and Steel's production capacity and lack of domestic supply and demand can not be reduced Mouth. In the second half or even longer period of time, the domestic pressure on business costs and transformers will not weaken, and even signs of an increase. Under the weight of some of the production affordable products businesses will remain difficult to sustain, the industry Integration is not surprising or even bankruptcy reorganization. Thus, companies take the high-end product line, build their own core business of development of the road. Tianwei change, the West changes, several large domestic enterprises to absorb through the introduction and widespread High-tech personnel and other means, will be opened in the production of high-end product development competition in the war. And through mergers and acquisitions and other means to expand business scale and market share. The larger companies have better business and raw materials Bargaining power, is conducive to business costs. It is reported that the new contract or contracts Tianwei change price hikes, and on the rise for some space set aside at the same time, the company and Japan's Nippon Steel and Kawasaki companies to strengthen cooperation with Kawasaki signed a supply up to 3 years Association Proposal. Some analysts believe the company's second and third quarter, the biggest cost pressures, with the expansion of Tianwei Yingli two assembly plants and a smooth and Qinhuangdao Hefei Transformer Factory production, the pressure in the fourth quarter will be released. The Western companies in the DC transformer and variable reactor products unique advantages, will make it change in the situation in the transformer industry to grasp opportunities. Macro wholly owned subsidiary of Shun special account for electric power transmission equipment manufacturing company's main business of the Qi Cheng, and Tianwei change, the West become different, the main products of dry-type transformers is 35% domestic market share so, bit Ranking the first. As the state power grid construction investment growth, the company can make a profit. Companies in the next five years, the output increase from the current 10 billion to 18.5 billion. The company also with Tsinghua University To develop reactive power compensation devices, power control equipment involved in the field of high starting point. Shanghai Zhixin Electric [17.610.00%] is taking another differentiation strategy, the main products amorphous alloy transformer occupies 75% domestic market share. According to Understanding, confidence Electric Group's annual sales revenue of 3% to 5% for research and development and quality of research, new product development to accelerate to get rid of a competitor is also away from risk. Overall, the transformer industry in the future although there is still more serious cost pressures. But with the state increasing the degree of power projects and will also grinding out a group of high-quality transformer manufacturers, technology , These advantages of scale enterprises have become an indispensable condition.

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