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The first-round elimination of outdated transformers Beilun
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Beilun Xiapu, Qi Jia Shan and other place s there are 10 enterprises of the new transformer installed. At this point, the area behind the transformer has been completed out of more than half. End of the year, the district will be fully completed in the city take the lead transformer update, This will enable the capacity of 1.5 million kwh of electricity, for 750 families a year.

Accordance with the "five" emission reduction task, ten thousand yuan GDP this year, Beilun District, the comprehensive energy consumption to decline 6.5% year on year. The first half of this year, the district invested 700 million yuan, more than 50 energy-saving technology projects completed, annual energy saving 6 million tons of standard coal. At the same time, the area behind the capacity of the region careful Paimo, out out "menu." Among them, shutting down small thermal power, eliminating the backward transformers, remove brick kiln, replacing the intermediate frequency electric furnace is the immediate goal. So far, the district has been shut down, "Mingyao thermoelectric" out of the 8 intermediate frequency electric furnace steelmaking, demolished two brick. Is expected to end the "Menu" upon completion, the annual savings to nearly 50,000 tons of standard coal in Beilun.

North Lunke and Industry Bureau in September, a survey showed that there are 253 units within the area the old model transformers still in use. These transformers are put into use before 2003, has stopped production. Data show, and now more advanced than transformer S11, S7-type transformer load loss to be higher than the old 63%, 38% higher load loss, noise control and security of its performance no longer meet the current needs of the production and living .

Out of a large number of old transformers larger workload. Beilun District government and the township (neighborhood) signed letters of responsibility, and take the public subsidy at the transformer, the transformer part of the subsidy business approach, to promote this work. At the same time, the district invited the well-known transformer production, installation companies bid, and recommended to the relevant companies. Currently, the area nearly one hundred companies signed a purchase and installation contract, the price than the market price decreased by 20% and 30%. The work is expected to total investment of 700 million.

Installation of transformers need to stop production, in order not to affect the production, Beilun power sector and the township (neighborhood) organizations to install Service, and the companies jointly schedule and detailed plan, weekend or evening time slot of production tasks less replacement of old and new, and deploy more staff to shorten the installation time.

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