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Our country is main this year electron yuan industry of parts of an apparatus is
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Shen Yinmo country published negotiable securities orgnaization a few days ago study the report points out, boom of global semiconductor industry continues to improve, 5 years of main electrons of our country yuan industry of parts of an apparatus is added fast decelerate, will rise 6 years afresh.
Report the statistical data analysis of SIA of orgnaization of quote market survey thinks, 2005 annual semiconductor total sales two hundred and twenty-seven billion four hundred and eighty-four million dollar, grow 6.8 % compared to the same period. Wait for product of consumptive sex electron to be main thrust with player of camera of mobile phone, number, MP3 among them, and PC demand also lasts driving. Beforehand global semiconductor sold appraise 2006 will grow 7.9 % , amount to 2, 45 billion dollar; Semiconductor industry foreground is valued as before, 2006 head season sale and the difference of before 1 season, anticipation is in losing 1 % less than, in addition, macroeconomic situation is favorable, inventory passes to answer more unapt create too big question, and course of study person in produce can with the balance already also was acquired between demand. In the meantime, orgnaization of each big city attune beforehand appraise growing rate of global semiconductor market will appear 2006 the growing extent of 10 % above.
According to the statistic of Chinese semiconductor guild, total output of industry of annual home integrated circuit is 26.11 billion, grow 19% compared to the same period, entire industry achieves sales revenue in all 70.21 billion yuan, grow 28.8% compared to the same period. Look from fractionize industry, get global chip acting labor market is small confuse an impact, amplitude of sale of domestic chip manufacturing industry considerably fall after a rise, its increase rate by 2004 190% considerably fall after a rise arrives 28.5% . Face global semiconductor industry to grow slowdown, industry of our country IT grows the integral environment of hasten delay, industry of our country integrated circuit maintained the momentum of steady rapidder growth as before. On dimensions, domestic chip makes industry sales revenue break through 20 billion yuan, achieve twenty-three billion two hundred and eighty-nine million yuan.
2005, the amplification as scale of production of the many companies inside the industry and a certain number of building that build a project put into production, of sales revenue of entire industry annual grow compared to the same period achieve 22.1% , dimensions is thirty-four billion four hundred and ninety-one million yuan. IC designs course of study to continued to maintain the momentum of rapid development 2005. On industrial dimensions, sales revenue of industry of design of annual home IC compared to the same period amplitude is achieved 52.5% , dimensions breaks through 10 billion yuan first, achieve 12.43 billion yuan; Enclose respect of test course of study, its in last few years development although unlike chip is made and IC design industry is swift and violent in that way, but the momentum that also maintained smooth growth all the time.
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