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Magnetically hard material wants rare territory from have arrive at most applica
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China is the base of the largest rare opium production on the world, we let China become the largest rare tract on the world to use the market even.   
As we have learned, country " 863 " plan project " high-powered rare earth preparation of magnetically hard material and finishing key technology " , started formally 2001, in functional material domain, the supportive strength that this project gains is the greatest. According to the explanation, main reason is in our country in natural resources of Yu Xi land located strategical position. Industry of magnetically hard material is inchoate pattern of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces is shown in the whole world, our country occupies 1/3 each with Euramerican, Japan. But development arrives now, our country had held dominant position, the product of the 70%-80% on the world is our country production, at present crop still is in with annual the rate of 20%-30% rises.
Current, the production of material of boracic magnetism of iron of neodymium of our country rare earth and the rapid development that use a technology, apply extensively already at computer of mobile phone, notebook, acoustics and magnetization implement the parts of an apparatus such as the watch. And " 863 " plan " high-powered rare earth magnetically hard material " the high-grade agglomeration neodymium that the project develops successfully Tie Peng magnet, more the breakthrough was obtained in crucial technology segment, action domain occupies the introduction very extensively: "The high temperature magnet of this project preparation achieved 9.6MGOe in the function when 500 ℃ , house international is banner position. The mechanical character in boracic magnet of high-powered neodymium iron, be able to bear or endure hydrogenous character, fast coagulate small band composition slants the theory of mechanism of stability of time of analyse, magnet and experimental research, and the research of preparation material small composition of all sorts of opposite sex magnet obtained significant progress. The controls mine sweeping system and missile nucleus core that still comprises course to accuse engine to use electromagnetism a powerful person, naval ships and boat is waited a moment. " nowadays, our country has had 8 kiloton product line, product by original in cheap promotion is in high-grade, new increase production is worth nearly 1 billion yuan, global sales revenue comes by 20% original litres 40% . Besides civil beyond, the product of permanent magnetism of high-powered rare earth of our research and development applies successfully also in national defence domain, for instance the electric machinery of inertial platform moment of force of newest strategy missile, ' divine boat ' the attitude control system of date series airship and satellite, be used to guides system, in boosting a system.
Home had realised rare earth resource of this one strategy, but still give this one advantage without complete play. How to use adequately, these respects remain to rise. China has been the largest production base on the world, we let China turn the biggest application into the market even. Nevertheless, current the place that the development of industry of magnetically hard material still puts rare earth in a few need to rise. Current the biggest difficult point is centralized without the government sector management. From the country ' 863 ' of the plan be the first for action, the work that we do is the guiding that gives a technology the side to domestic industry, but our technology fits wholesale business only, those are small, more dispersive civilian battalion enterprise does not suit however. Additional, improve in equipment, the respect such as the development of a few former technologies that achieve a gender and market drawing still needs to strengthen.
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