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New-style and magnetic material besmears Fu technology is favorred by the indust
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In recent years, rise as what ask to magnetic material character, magnetic material is transparent besmear Fu (ParyleneCoating) engineering technology more and more got the favour of the industry.
Begin from 2002, introduced device of Fu of besmear of nicety of high-tech of complete set Japan, use Japan's high quality Parylene-C (Parylene-N) besmear outfit material and manufacturing technology, accord with RoHS requirement. In the past, this one technology gets foreign business monopoly, the product of company of production of material of magnetism of high end of a few foreign capital all used this one technology to undertake machining handling in abroad; Current, cropland is east inside 3 short years already mastered and use technology of this one high end, got material of Euramerican, Japan, Taiwan and magnetism of domestic high end produces a business approbate, the treatment that provides ParyleneCoating in the round serves, satisfied material of magnetism of domestic high end to use the requirement of the market. "Divide the work in the industry finer and finer times, will dedicated at craft of Parylene besmear Fu, wish to serve hand and foot with good quality, enthusiasm, with broad magnetism material produces a business together, popularize this one advanced engineering technology energetically, in order to improve the quality of product of our country magnetic material. In order to improve the quality of product of our country magnetic material..
Previously, magnetic core uses common epoxy resin to undertake exterior treatment is handled commonly. And as magnetic material small (small) model change, the need that nicety changes development, taller and taller to the requirement of magnetic material finishing, transparent besmear Fu (ParyleneCoating) the technology was according with this one trend. Opposite at common finishing, the velar layer that this technology place produces is thin have compression however tall, surface lubricant, corrosion resistance the good characteristic that wait, especially its coating is controallable come in 1 micron the ply of 20 micron, this kind of ultrathin velar layer advantage was satisfied demand of a few character is at present high and miniature (wait like magnetic core of tall magnetism conductance) the exterior treatment of product of high-grade and magnetic material handles need.
Occupy the introduction additionally, besides magnetic material, transparent besmear Fu (ParyleneCoating) the technology applies extensively still at nicety labour handles the Tu Fujia of the product such as balata of core of motor of PCB board, miniature, good magnetic body, silicon, promotion application perspective is wide.

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