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Electron (magnetic) component industry and market heat
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Be aimed at the characteristic of industry of component of our country electron, the fixed position of industry of a few years of component is OK henceforth from the following 4 respects regard. Above all, the development of component of our country electron must is with the market oriented, develop new product ceaselessly, increase technical class, accelerate the development of new-style electron component, make component of our country electron is transformed to manufacturing powerful nation by manufacturing big country. Next, the breakthrough is crucial technology of yuan of parts of an apparatus, electronic cell company should accelerate construction of technical innovation system, promote industry whole competition ability. The 3rd, piece the significant progress direction that type is changed is electronic component, not only market demand is big, and the characteristic that reflected dimensions economy adequately, if combine fluctuation to swim product, form industrial chain, criterion industrial scale is larger, pull use benefit more apparent. Finally, want to grasp the opportunity that international electron Information Industry is adjusted and transfers, the international that drives higher administrative levels cooperates, it is ligament with capital, adjust industrial structure and product structure, promotion level of management, breed the transnational corporation of component of our country electron, make the bibcock enterprise of international class and fist product, improve domestic and international market hard have rate, continue to carry the growth rate with rapidder component of our country electron.
Industry of component of our country electron grows stability in recent years, output of product of component of our country electron holds global total output about 30% the left and right sides, rank world front row. But from the point of sale, component of our country electron occupies global total sales not tall still. The capacitor that our country produces, small special electric machinery, printed circuit board crop already occupied world first place, and the product of half above exports an international market, printed circuit board, report is received inserting component, capacitor and electronic transformer to wait is component of our country electron exit starts the mainstay product that assemble. But, in recent years, trade deficit of foreign trade of component of our country electron is larger and larger, it is the influence that is grown quickly by improvement trade on one hand, it is homebred component on the other hand the contradiction that market of incommensurate high-grade product rises increasingly is more and more outstanding. New function, new structure and high-powered electronic component still need an import, overall and homebred change rate is inferior still.  
Innovation train of thought seeks progress, it is relay the only way that the industry seeks progress. The industry basically produced our country relay last year company output achieves 1.81 billion, sales volume 1.76 billion, export 909 million, produce and sale of it may be said two flourishing, the situation is satisfactory. But with global relay posture of manufacturing big country is compared, still be difference remarkable, of sex of a few structures, the problem of essential sex is done not have develop because of the high speed of oneself and have marked change.
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