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Popularize and use what pass 20 one's remaining years, this one product has gotten transducer of vast enterprise user approbate, foreign capital brand from 3 agree, two brands develop Fuji more than current 40, as the transducer product wide application in the developed country, the foreign capital brand that is a delegate with Japanese brand begins afflux chinese mainland, those who make Chinese transducer trade is germinant. At the same time emerge in large numbers nearly 100 inside endowment brand, brand number is achieved 140 many. Look from whole, although the amount of card of home made product is numerous, but scope of great majority produce and sale is very little, integrated competition ability is weaker. Support and encourage of macroscopical policy in the country under, in last few years inside endowment company of a few advantage appeared in the brand, its scale of production and product integral performance already had bigger rise. Compare with developed country photograph, the transducer technology of our country is relatively backward. Make the electric machinery timing of our country broke the forestall situation of dc timing, began to communicate times of electric machinery frequency control. The 4 ministries and commissions such as former mechanical ministry recommend the country homebred 29 manufacturer the transducer of 33 norms, but because major native land company gets the respect such as technology, capital and system,restrict, progress is slower, form the situation with foreign brand make a stand against hard. On the other hand, original inside endowment the personnel of the brand and capital depart ceaselessly, established numerous company, main concentration is in be like area of and other places of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai littoral. The fission of transducer industry height of our country. Brand of numerous foreign capital builds a plant in China, executive this locality is changed manage. Although have not have the actual strength that with the international such as Xi Menzi, ABB top class brand develops to compete in the round, but compare with photograph of brand of and other places of Japan, Taiwan, Korea already was on partial fractionize product and market show definite competitive advantage, market share escalate, make the competitive pattern of domestic transducer market had change apparently.

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