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Chinese low-pressure transducer- - channel business grows the current situation
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Some closer year enter Chinese market as more transducer manufacturer, the dominant position of Euramerican brand, the tradition that day is a brand is strong, rise abruptly quickly of card of home made product, transducer technology, the market matures gradually. Application of Chinese low-pressure transducer is not wide still, day fastens a brand almost unify the whole country, the price is high, competition is not intense. Selling pattern basically is sale of a flight of stairs, sell to cent from the representative act as agent to area again, very orderly, the competition between the representative is not intense also. Accordingly more and more looks aimed at this one profit relative to more expensive rising sun estate. Market of Chinese low-pressure transducer was passed in recent years high speed develops, the state of its channel business also is in producing a change stealthily. The competitive all the more between different brand is intense, competition also entered the price between the agent to turn white-hot. The concept that the relation of Chinese tradition sells, also let business of each district channel get vast development space. Act as agent formerly only or the channel business of two brands formed new become divided, one kind is done do greatly strong, make the strong medium of communication of a certain brand, obtain better discount; One kind is aimed at a place tall, in, low end the diverse demand of the user, act as agent many brands, strive for more client. One class agent begins a large number of indent to obtain better discount thereby, participate in market competition. Act as agent many brands, rise famous degree, strive for more client. Although Chinese transducer market still maintains high speed growth every year, but the price falls ceaselessly, profit is ceaseless shrink, original sale system already can't continue to maintain again. Own development. Although the way is very long still, but the state after a few years still lets a person expect. In the development process of transducer market, the bottleneck that channel business begins to feel oneself develops gradually is manacled with what come from a manufacturer. Accomplish truly however can the channel business of product of him research and development can be counted on one's fingers, more it is to do make software, write a program. Technology change. Or the PLC related coetaneous manage and transducer, low-pressure electric equipment widen product line, use each resource integratedly, utmost strives for local client natural resources. As traded profit margin drop off, many channel business laid the view after service this new " cake " . Use as low-pressure transducer gain ground gradually, subsequently and another when the after service that come also becomes the market to compete principal weight used on a balance. Project change. This kind of circumstance has early appear. Use the experience that oneself accumulate for years inside the industry and technical actual strength then, begin to search the product that fits oneself to do stage by stage, the development course that takes production of own research and development makes a new way. The agent nowadays just has driven a company to develop no longer through commerce, more it is a representative, project phase is united in wedlock. Carry on project project, hold concurrently at the same time make brand sell on commission.

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