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Reducing data vendor is manufacturing industry reduces cost the 1st pace
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In most domestic company, go up to leave a buyer to general manager, there is such idea when the consideration chooses a vendor, it is a kind of material seek much home supplier, it is the home or two more commonly, can go when needing data so to inquiry of much home supplier, choose cheap and fine material to serve as a supplier finally. The company should stand in whole the angle that supplies chain will consider how to reduce company cost, increase the competitive capacity of the enterprise. To a few day endowment the enterprise has made an item, the mode that feels day endowment company is worth domestic company to draw lessons from and think. But we consider to be able to see the problem is in from the angle of cost and risk. Above all, the enterprise wants to inquiry of much home supplier, need increases buyer, increased to communicate cost and manpower resource cost. Next, if want to hold in time to the state of the supplier, also need to often pay close attention to the trends of the supplier, replace the productivity of the supplier and character competence, service capacity, same need communicates cost. Such doing is there a problem? Perhaps a lot of people can say us also is all the time so do, problem of it doesn't matter. tripartite face, even if is the neither before everybody thinks debatable, we also cannot evasive is, when you are purchased to much home supplier, which supplier does not regard a key as the client you, mix in character hand in period go up to be accomplished impossibly best, and, because your order is not stable, supplier cannot reasonable arrangement the plan of the amount that its purchase material and production, such enterprises to satisfy other client, increase inventory possibly to come to those who balance demand rise and fall, undoubted meeting raises the production of the supplier and administrative cost, and the cost or of this part with respect to impute to its client, or reduces cost with the quality of sacrificial product for premise, ensure the space that its live and develops. In light of the angle that stands in spectator, this is vicious circle, because the supplier wants to deal with many undesirable article pay many cost again, and the character that because the character of the supplier affects him product,its client also meets, affect its client to trust to its thereby, as time passes, losing order to lose a client is the thing that can foreknow completely. When the material price that offers when the supplier does not have competition ability, they can send relevant personnel to undertake an analysis to product cost to its supplier factory, assist a supplier to seek the means that reduces cost. The stand that the author once made the product such as inductance, transformer for endowment the enterprise has made an item, the client of this enterprise is PHILIP, SONY day endowment enterprise, these day endowment enterprise will be nonsked will to this assist its to improvement manages and reduce cost with respect to the factory, often grow be stationed in a few months, until reduce cost till. In great majority the practice inside day endowment enterprise is, it chooses any material only a supplier, establish partner relationship with its, help its improve level of management, assist a supplier to build all sorts of running system, so that reduce the administrative cost of the enterprise and manufacturing cost, when the character of the supplier has a problem, they can assist a supplier to solve a problem, is not to abandon to choose another vendor afresh. The case from above can see, these day look forward to are very clear the cost of its supplier, come so, they are making there can be very old own right when fix a price or moving price to its product, the more agile circumstance that answers the market. Serve in enterprises of afore-mentioned that stage endowment so when, we discover, there are a few products in the order that its receive is lose money in business, but they or meeting are received, because they know, this is to cooperate its client. We can imagine, if not be to have so close collaboration relationship, which enterprise can receive the order of lose money in business? I think this is what we say true " strategic partner " . Because this kind of partner of everybody concerns, everybody also can be moved toward on the development of the product active " in coordination " , for instance, the supplier understands its client and its requirement very much, can active go developing new product to satisfy the expectation that exceeds a client even (include lower cost, higher quality, stronger function to wait a moment) , enhance the competition ability of client product, also make oneself order more much at the same time, make whole supply catenary to enter benign loop. But if enterprise and its supplier itself are whole life community, how should the first thing that the supplier thinks of help its client make its cast off predicament namely, is not to demand repayment, make enterprise one disaster after another. We imagine very hard, when an enterprise is in predicament, its supplier still supports it. If enterprise and its supplier are easy concern of common brief single cross only, have what a sign of disturbance or trouble when the enterprise, what its supplier thinks of the first times is how to want early more quickly to answer payment for goods from inside the enterprise. Zhuhai has home appliance subsidiary, because certain reason causes company capital shortage, it is difficult that industry movement appears, its supplier immediately respond to a news, arrive money wanting in the factory is not name-calling throws a table namely, the life of minatory even administrator. Company of very may much China knows this truth, have such consciousness truly only, build oneself competitive supply stage by stage catenary, ability makes him remain invincible. The competition of prospective enterprise is the between competition of single company no longer, supply however catenary and supply the competition between catenary, accordingly, who - mastered supply chain, who mastered prospective market, who has competitive capacity more.

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