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Without limited company of science and technology of stannic heart blessing
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Limited company of science and technology of blessing of the heart that do not have stannum is the modern company that professional production makes electric whole set of equipment.
The company is located in area of garden of course of study of knock off of large of the new developed area that do not have stannum, border the airport that do not have stannum, be in Shanghai by peaceful freeway and 312 nations line, communication is easy. Company administration is perfect, manufacturing facilities is perfect, tooling is advanced, detect flow is all ready.
The product of first selection form a complete set that the distribution ark that the company produces and bus bridge are installation of distribution of construction of electrified wire netting, factory, building. Control ark and transformer product to be able to realize power supply of of all kinds and mechanical equipment, control need. The product all passed ISO9000:2Attestation of 000 quality system, CE attestation.
The company insists to seek progress with innovation of “ science and technology, quality is excellent seek to live on put ” to be a tenet, pursue “ user consummate, the management concept of ” of be as good as one's word of deal with concrete matters relating to work. Abide by “ high starting point, high-tech, efficient ” and “ technology progress, quality is banner the strategic principle of ” . With top-ranking management, high-class service, the product of excellent value cheap wins the client's reliance. Include airport of Pudong of Beijing subway, Shanghai to wait among them.
Before welcoming global travelling merchant wholeheartedly, will negotiate collaboration, devote oneself to the prosperity of electric facilities and development hand in hand.

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