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Chongqing city Yadongyaji is round transformer limited company
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Chongqing city Yadongyaji is round transformer limited company, by transformer of hill of Fu of former Chongqing city the factory changed in October 2001 make hold water, chongqing city inferior East Asia is electric (group) Tian Wei of finite liability company, Baoding is protected become electric 3 companies of Inc. and firm of investment of Fu of Chongqing city boast accuse establish, it is enterprise of key of area of hill of company of Chongqing city new and high technology, Fu. The company is located in inside area of garden of industry of Fu hill Li Du, cover an area of 20 more than square metre, proximate change conceives port city of freeway of railroad, Yufu and freight of the Yangtse River.
Company technology actual strength is abundant, manufacturing technology is advanced, facilities is excellent, test method is all ready. The car of heavy-duty air cushion that the horizontal stroke of numerical control core that has German production cuts gating system of pressure of vacuum of product line, epoxy resin, United States to produce, high pressure is full automatic the product line that coil winding machine and low-pressure foil confuse generator of voltage of machine, concussion to wait for a series of is in in domestic person of the same trade to be in lead position and experimental equipment, all sorts of experiments of can contented 500kV and product of grade of the following voltage need. In the meantime, still built complete CAD, plot and system of data network management.
The company has year of design productivity to amount to above of 11 million KVA, dominant product of production is mixed for oily dip type epoxy resin is pouring dry type transformer and special transformer. The 10—360000KVA of only station capacity of transformer of oily dip type, voltage grade 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 500KV. Can produce 35KV class and dog circle of arc of transformer of each grade dry type and reactor, disappear, automatically below ground connection of compensation disappear arc and small electric current select the series product such as device of line whole set. The quality system that the company implements is passed in attestation of ISO9001 quality system. The company built in-house local area network, website, integrated company natural resources, use software of business management of K/3 of golden butterfly company, the automation management of the respect such as resource of financial to the company, content shedding, cost, production, manpower, sale and control, increased a business in the round business affairs of design, production management, content shedding, capital, electron, OA and decision-making the informatization level that waits for a respect. 2006, the company has the honor to win optimal cost of “ Chongqing city to manage the honorary title of award ” .
The company is below the ideal guidance that “ science is ” of the first productivity, created another brilliant history: New product of transformer of dry type of insulation of colophony of ” of ” of new product of form of town of “ Chongqing city, famous label of “ Chongqing city, SCB10 series is judged to be “ Chongqing city 3 gorge of ” of award of third class of outstanding new product, “ card ”220KV and transformer of the following electric power by “2007—2010 year Chongqing city famous brand…
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