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Trade of clear labour of Beijing country light limited company
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Trade of clear labour of Beijing country light limited company (former Beijing annals amounts to Electromechanical facility plant) , hold water with 1980, as the flying development of market economy and change, to make the enterprise is in new market economy spring tide remain invincible, leader of company high level and changed original management system 2001. Became design of existing a collect, production, sale to be the omnibus technology company of an organic whole, settle goes in for sth in a large scale at Beijing inside development of industry of guard of Ou Xigong door. The company has the 3000 standard modernization of smooth rice to produce workshop and modern office environment, existing employee 65 people, among them project technology personnel 14 people, 2 people all comes from senior engineer well-known company. The company pays attention to technical innovation and technical progress, company integrated computer runs a system (CCMS) make the company realized a CAD (CAD) , the computer assists craft to design (CAAP) , auxiliary production data manages the computer (CAPDM) , assisted management of computer of plan of company natural resources (ERP) reach company OA (OA) . Offerred fulgurite manage branch and broad user to build long-term and close partner to concern with designing institute place. What the company uses high grade material and design of advanced engineering technology major, production and sale 1KVA~~500KVA capacity is nonstandard single-phase, three-phase works series type transformer. Reach switchgear of low-pressure whole set (MNS, GCS, GCK, GCL, GHK, GGD and PGJ1, PGJ1A does not have result power ark of automatic and low-pressure switch, ark of motivation of series of XL, XGL, JQ, headstock, starting box. Protection screen, control screen (stage) DCX (R) , box of illume of series of PXT, XRJ, XXJ, kilowatt-hour meter box, PLC can make up programmed control to make cabinet, rectification controls ark) . Our company fasten material of report of Beijing electric equipment unit of guild party member, Beijing is industrial and commercial unit of attestation of system of quality of unit of company of be as good as one's word of administration bureau year, ISO9000-2000, main product already won Chinese state mandatory product “CCC” attestation. The client that the enterprise is having good economic benefits and stability group. The company passed rigorous spot management and quality management to fetch huge gain, already rose to be the good consciousness that already held the post of in order to consider customer satisfaction in the education in employee meanwhile, insist to build the company culture of a kind of distinctive, outstanding, advanced, innovation, below the edification like other people of benefit of company culture rain during springtime, faculty already became Guo Guangqing having active creativity, close discipline sex, high sense of responsibility, the high quality talent of intense responsibility heart. Since the company holds water, be in sincere, below letter, mixed mental concept guidance, hold to “ to be with the person this, ceaseless innovation ” introduces new and high technology integrated talent, with firm and indomitable spirit, develop steadily in intense market competition, in good public praise was built in the client group of grow in quantity increasingly, flourishing of company outstanding achievement; Look into future, we will with higher quality, more the service of actor, broad client checks get one's own back our accredit and support, make larger contribution for career of economic prosperity of the country and industrial automation.

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