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Baoding city is installed special transformer plant
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Baoding city is installed special the professional manufacturer that transformer plant is transformer of transformer of manufacturing electric power and disappear arc circle, ground connection, rectification transformer, reactor, the product sells countrywide each district. Disappear arc coil has shift the v/LIT all over the ground type, type that move a look, slant a variety of norms model such as magnetism type. Voltage grade 63KV, 35KV and the following, capacity 6300KVA and the following, this factory product uses high grade raw material entirely, strict manufacturing quality runs a system. Product performance is good, moving on the safe side, excel is congener product.

Force of my plant technology is abundant, there is old experience in the design of the special type transformer of all sorts of norms, producer face. Can design production according to the user all sorts of nonstandard transformer kind product.

This factory maintains the development of the enterprise with excellent management, move strictly according to the standard of ISO9001 quality system.

This factory tenet: The user is consummate the first service perfects quality protect your satisfaction

This factory will be acted on beg with quality live, seek progress with credit, be realistic, the spirit of innovation, satisfy client expectation ceaselessly. Wish with the society each friend clasp. Before we welcome each district travelling merchant at any time, will negotiate business.

How achieve happiness in all with you especially tomorrow!

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