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Limited company of transformer of Zhejiang electric power
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Limited company of transformer of Zhejiang electric power is the solely invested subsidiary of group of Chinese prosperous peaceful, repose in in order to reform famed visit Wen Zhou town at the Zhejiang of the world. The company founds oneself case, with respect to will agile market mechanism and advanced administrative concept photograph are united in wedlock, with science and technology innovation of progress, product is oriented, make the product infiltrates quickly home, international market. The product is judged to be “ quality to be believed so that cross ” of product of famous brand of product ” , “ , provincial “ for many times ” of product of new and high technology. The company already was registered through attestation of ISO9000 international standard, have the honor to win ” of company of “AAA class credit, “ to omit the name such as ” of company of new and high technology and ” of “ exploit enterprise.
The company has more than 100 mus production base, the production that mixes stock to perfect, detect equipment. Professional products plan develops institute and well-trained employee rank, the course makes arduous efforts indefatigably for years, formed particular products plan distinguishing feature and masterly workmanship. Transformer of electric power of type of oily dip of the new S9 that the company produces 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, character is outstanding, the service is careful, broad market is had in home, export abroad. In raw production SC series does type transformer foundation to go up, introduce the world top-ranking new material and technology, the insulation of class of SG series H that develops a success does type transformer, with its the superior performance of efficient, environmental protection, reliable, low cost, it is my company in new century beginning, to the new contribution of broad client.
My company sincere desire and global top-ranking company wipe hand collaboration, provide power for the whole world, for light of world boardcast sowing, progress together, achieve in all brilliant!

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