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Become electrical engineering especially limited company of Heng Yang transforme
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Becoming electrical engineering especially is China is defeated change the bibcock enterprise of electric industry, transformer crop ranks China the first, the world the 3rd. Become electrical engineering especially limited company of Heng Yang transformer (the following abbreviation judge change company) it is the holding company that becomes electrical engineering especially, carry the rapid development that comes 7 years, already became China to exceed now, special high-pressured transformer kind the core backbone company that the product creates, it is industry of our country transformer 4 strong one of.

The company is located in city of Heng Yang of —— of the famous city austral the Hunan with pretty scenery, advantageous geographical condition makes in becoming south, Hua Na area is terraqueous traffic hub. Railroad of laurel of wide, Hunan makes capital here collect, high speed of Beijing bead, Heng Kun, 107, 322 nations line wears a city and pass, dock of class of Hunan river kiloton leaves a company only 2 kilometers, can connect Jiang Dahai, have my company 1000kV and above transformer completely kind product (include place of nuclear power plant to want transformer or three-phase an organic whole transformer of capacity of 1 million KVA) carriage ability.

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