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Limited company of transformer of De Cheng of the Chengdu City
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Limited company of transformer of De Cheng of the Chengdu City is Sichuan province major of the biggest special type transformer produces one of businesses, also be transformer of electric power of bureau of electric power of Sichuan province place company of the production that decide a dot. The oxygen of of all kinds annulus under 2000KVA of 35KV of voltage of company main production, capacity is pouring railroad of dry type transformer, special type transformer, electric power transformer, electrification is special the product such as transformer, reactor. Product breed diversity, form series, can the different need that utmost ground satisfies broad user.
The company is founded 1995, it is the engineering course that has hundred years history advanced institution of higher learning- - company of the high-tech of subordinate of southwest traffic university production. The company has the talented person of advanced and professional technology such as professor of a batch of experts, technical force is abundant, have extremely strong product development, design, engineering capability. The company has particular technology of multinomial country patent and home now. Outstanding talent, advanced technology, rigorous management, excellent production facilities, perfect detect the good quality that method and reliable ISO9001 quality system assured company product.
The company pursues “ with heart for this, with sincere wait for person, quality the first, the user is consummate the tenet of ” , provide high grade and reliable product and satisfactory and gratified service for broad user hard.

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