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Talk about limited company of city Xin big transformer
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Limited company of big transformer of Xin talking about a city is change in order to produce box of electric power transformer, dry type transformer, beautiful type, Ou Shi box goes wait for the loses distribution facilities and discretion to press facilities of whole set power production business that give priority to, the company is located in seat of famous city of Chinese history culture, Jiang Beishui city, university talking about a city- - Shandong province talks about a city, with apart of Jinan of provincial capital city 90 kilometers, and freeway, railroad is linked together, 9 railroad and aid Han railroad make capital from this collect, communication is very easy.

At present company of Xin big transformer covers an area of 57 thousand square metre, floor area 14 thousand square metre, total assets many yuan 7000, possessory rights and interests 62.82 million yuan, have a worker 268, among them: Advanced technology personnel 9; Intermediate technology personnel 34. Product of dominant of company of Xin big transformer is: Transformer of electric power of type of oily dip of series of 35KV, 20000KVA and the following S9, S11, dry type transformer; 10KV S13 series is stereo magnetic circuit coils core transformer; Series of;D11 of transformer of electric power of series of alloy of SH15 blame brilliant is single-phase a core transformer; KS9 series mine uses transformer; Beautiful type box goes, Europe type box goes, treatment of core of electric power transformer and implement body treatment, ask by the user the design produces transformer of mark of special type transformer, blame, stick plate production. Year productivity 2 million KVA. What the quality management with advanced rigorous technology makes the product won a client is accepted with reliance, outstanding achievement of sale of company of Xin big transformer is climbed ceaselessly litre, the user spreads all over countrywide major area, partial product exports country and the area such as United Arab Emirates, southeast Asia.

Epoxy resin of transformer of electric power of alloy of brilliant of blame of the S9 that company of Xin big transformer produces, S11—M.R, S13-M.RL, S15, SCB10 is pouring blame of insulation of dry type transformer, SGB10H class covers transformer substation of transformer of electric power doing type, box type already all passed national transformer quality to detect experiment of workout center type and special experiment and, it is national classics trade appoint construction of commendatory countrywide urban and rural electrified wire netting and transform main facility to produce a business. The company passed ISO9001 first in July 1998: 1994 quality manage systematic attestation, changed edition ISO9001 2001: 2000. S11—M.R series is ungraded (core is sectional for the circle) roll core transformer was judged to be ” of new product of key of “ state level by the 5 branches such as state committee of science and technology in December 2001. Company of Xin big transformer is national classics trade appoint with electric power (2002) the first batch when 21 article announce coils core transformer produces a business, it is to talk about urban “ to abide by contract, keep good faith ” and company of credit of bank “AA” class, obtain ” of unit of type of provincial “ gardens, talk about urban “ name of company of ” of 10 beautiful star, company of provincial and new and high technology, it is an our city recommend appear on the market company mothball business. Big transformer company abides by Xin to be with the person this, advocate science, seek outstanding business concept, insist to be life with quality, seek the management policy of development in order to serve, broad client checks the service get one's own back with the excellent value with top-ranking product privilege our support and deep love, before legal person of company of Xin big transformer holds Dai Deyu of manager of department of general manager Liu Hongwei, sale concurrently to welcome all circles colleague enthusiasticly, will make an on-the-spot investigation negotiate.
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